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My paid over $15,000 for face to toes hair removal. I paid this in Buford, Ga were I had most of my treatments. When I moved to Nashville, TN there was not a place to complete my treatments. I found out a year later that IM was opening in south of Nashville, I live far North so I never made the 1 hour drive until my daughter ask for hair removal. I was told in GA that I had a life time membership and I was never told that my un used treatments... Read more

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I was told that coolsculpting is guaranteed to work and I will be back for more once I see my results. I thankfully only started with my back, which was two applicators, and didn't go for all the areas I was tempted to- which would have been six applicators. Nonetheless, I wasted $1 500 on a procedure that DOES NOT WORK. I have no changes, not even 1%!!! They told me it was guranteed. I would not waste so much money on something that... Read more

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My experience was horrible. I had injections and was improperly treated and to add insult to injury they will not give me my medical records. I have additional and permanent damage from the negligent treatment and have had to file a complaint with OCR reference my medical records. Also contacted an attorney reference negligence. If anybody else has had a similar experience with injections let me know. Literally started having seizures because of... Read more

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Horrible treatment. I was a first time caller asking for pricing on ultherapy, which the receptionist refused to give over the phone, despite an advertisement for 25% off. Ultherapy is a procedure that has standard pricing for face, or face and neck...normally $3,000.00. This should not require an in-person visit because they are not charging $2800 for my face and $3200 for another clients face (it's like a haircut....$40 for any female... Read more

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I had the worst, most painful experience with Cool Sculpting. I was painful to go through but the following days and nights were beyond horrible and painful. I had to go to the doctor for nerve pain medication and it took at least 2 weeks before I could sleep at all. It has been one year now and I have been dieting and have lost 20 pounds on my own and the places that I had cool sculpting are still pads of fat. If I had not had cool... Read more

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This place is a rip off. My consult was rushed and before I knew it they had me signed up for some credit card with 27percent interest. I had second thoughts right after I left but found I could not cancel the procedure at all. The procedure was to be done in1 month but theycharged me for it on the consult day. My experience was horrid. It hurt so bad I wanted to cry. They leave you alone for hours. There were no difference in 8 weeks. It has... Read more

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All four treatments to stomach (1.45-hrs. cycles), plus two re-starts for a total of 6 treatments in one day. Not only that, each treatment overlapped the other which left the center abs treated 8x; no follow-up call was made by the nurse the next day nor medication prescribed until we asked, and the medications was steroids for nerve damage! In bed 3-days. Cost: $4,500! Results not worth it! I asked for at least half back, but was offered... Read more

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CoolSculpting does not work it is a scam I was charged also for extra things that I never ordered

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This procedure did not work for me. It left my stomach bruised for several weeks and delivered zero results. Ideal Image actually calle me and cancelled my follow up visit, probably because they know that there would be no reaults. They did six applicators on me which were all very painful an delivered zero results. I drank plenty of water and did everything that they told me to do afterwards. I am now $4,000 in debt to them for something that... Read more

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12 weeks post 4 large applicators. Very disappointed, clothes fit the same. Very shallow 6 inch long dent on both sides of lower abdomen. The procedure wasn't too bad like a long pinch. The two weeks after I was very painfully swollen, couldn't stand clothing against my abdomen. I wish I had found this site when I searched for information on cool sculpting. It didn't show until I searched for coolsculpting failure. Take 45 one hundred dollar... Read more

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