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My issue is twofold. I procured the services of Ideal Image for laser hair removal on my chest, back, upper neck, and upper arms. The contract I agreed to was around 10, 000 dollars. They promised that after 8-9 treatments the hair on those areas would be gone. They said only if I had a chemical/testerone imbalance would that not be the case. They performed a quick check to make sure that my hair follicles did not exhibit the properties that would render the treatment ineffective. Upon their clearance and promise that this treatment would work on my body composition I agreed to a contract under Florida law to remove the hair from these areas. However, after 10-11 treatments on the varying areas they were not hairless and in some cases like my back there is no discernible difference from when I started.

They offered to continue giving me free treatments as I was unhappy with the results. I went back for an additional treatment hoping that things would improve since I invested over 16 months, a lot of pain, money, and prohibitive lifestyle restrictions ( I had to wear a shirt always in the sun, SPF 50, a hat, keep my neck covered at all times, could not spend much time outside, etc). Sadly, the person who had performed most of my treatments was unable to perform my treatment that day and nothing regarding my idiosyncrasies, proclivities, or medical history was shared/communicated to this other heathcare provider which led to the sad situation I am about to describe. Before beginning the treatment, I do not believe I received much sun if any but asked her to check if I had color, particularly on my back of which I could not see. She attested I did not.

The reason is you can have a terrible reaction if that is the case. As I was undergoing the treatment, I began to feel excruciating pain, more pain than any of my previous treatments. I usually show no emotion and am very stoic at this point I am anything but. You can see it in my eyes, the pain was overwhelming. At this point I ask her to check and see if my body was having a negative reaction, I said I have done this 10 other times, it has never hurt like this, how is my skin reacting to the laser. She says my skin is fine and continues operating on me. I try to talk to her as I am in so much pain and I am trying to distract my mind from what is happening. I keep telling myself, she says I am fine, its my last treatment, I just need to tough through. She refuses to really engage me in conversation leaving my thoughts to the pain I am feeling to the point where it becomes overwhelming yet again, and I ask her to please make sure I am having a good reaction I do not want to get scarring.

She again tells me I am fine and continues on. At this point I beg her to talk to me to help distract me from the pain as it has never hurt to this extent (10 other treatments, and always cope well with the pain), she says sure, talks to me for 5minutes and then stops and leaves me in utter silence as she continues on. At this point I have tears in my eyes but I push through. She finally finishes. My entire body hurts so bad, I feel like I am about to pass out, I am woozy. I normally make a phone call to let people know I am okay and on the way home after each treatment. I call my family and tell them how this treatment was different from the others, how I am shivering and cold, and I feel really sick. I drive home, barely able to keep focused. I proceed to sleep for almost 15-20hours.

I can only lay on my side because my body is in so much pain. I wake up and I go downstairs and see myself in a mirror, my entire body is covered in purplish bruise streaks from the laser. I am scared, confused, unsure what to do. I go online, I start to research this situation, and I go out and procure aloe, and an ointment that is supposed to help prevent scarring. For the next 72hrs I cover my entire body in ointment and moisturizer hoping that I will not permanently look like this. It takes multiple weeks for the demarcations to finally go away.

I am furious, embarassed, upset. I feel I was ripped off. Not only did the treatment not work, I was lucky even more permanent damage did not occur. They asked me to go back for more free treatments, but after my experience with my first treatment, I had no interest. I told them I just wanted my money back as everything they promised did not happen. I was locked into a 10K contract, and now just barely escaped permanent scarring because their employee was negligent in their administration of the procedure.

Grimaldi wrote the review because of damaged or defective at Ideal Image. Reviewer claimed that he or she lost $10000 and wants Ideal Image to issue a full refund.

The most disappointing in user's experience was being lied to, scam and fact that this treatment does not work. The author asks this business to immediately contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her negative experience with the company.

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