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I had the cool sculpting done on March 1st, 2016 at the Willow Grove office in Pennsylvania and I have terrible results, my stomach is larger that it was prior to the treatment they tried to tell me that it was still a little swollen.....uhhh NO it's worse than when I came in here originally!!!! I eat good and I exercise however I had a little pouch that I could not get rid of. Now the pouch is wayyyy larger than it was prior to the...
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The only thing I'm more disappointed in an ideal image is myself for falling for such a scam. I went for cool sculpting on my lower belly which they promised would look smoother and flatter. There was eight days of discomfort following the treatment which might not of been so terrible except the two months later there is absolutely no difference in my belly. At first the girl tried telling me that my after pictures showed an improvement. But of...
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Had this done 15 months ago.It DOES NOT WORK. My friend and I have not seen any results with dieting etc. Its painful for up to 2 wks after. I would NEVER recommend this to anyone. My husband thinks its scam and tried to warn us but we didn't listen. Just thankful I didn't cave from the sales pressure and waste $4000 instead of $2800. Don't fall for it. It doesn't work!! If you insist on it, get the smallest amount done and wait for results...
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My procedure yielded absolutely no results.I was offered a far cheaper service instead of a refund. Some may benefit from this procedure (I'm not sure), but you have no recourse if it doesn't work. It's not worth the $2000 risk. They don't care if they help you or not. Please don't use this service. After this was all said and done, I was not a good candidate. They don't care if you are a candidate or not. They just want your money. I was banned...
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