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Update by user Feb 21, 2017

I received a call from Elle the regional director of Ideal Image about a week after the second follow up appointment in novi. She offered to have a second opinion at the Rochester Hills location take a look at my divot in my top lip where the hematoma was.

Yesterday, feb 20th sarah at Rochester Hills location filled the divot complimentary!

It now looks a lot more even!! The bottom lip is still a little uneven but the top where sarah fixed it looks great at least while it's swollen!!

Original review posted by user Feb 08, 2017

WARNING TO ALL PEOPLE CONSIDERING GOING HERE: YOU ARE BETTER OFF GOING TO A LICENSED PHYSICIAN AND PAYING THE SAME PRICE, IF NOT CHEAPER, THAN GOING TO IDEAL IMAGE TO HAVE NURSES PRACTICE ON YOU FOR AN OVERPRICED SERVICE. I will never go back to ideal image and they have permanently lost my business as well as my friends, family and guests (I work in the beauty industry).

I always had good or even awesome experiences in the past, getting 1cc each visit of Juvederm Ultra XC injected by Jillian. I most recently received an injection on Friday, January 20,2017 by Jillian. Before appoints and after, they always take before and after pictures. However, this time no pictures were taken and I found that weird.

We went over what I wanted to accomplish, mainly wanting to concentrate the filler in the corners of my mouth on both the top and bottom lip as they cave in more than the middle. Keep in mind it is mixed with lidocaine so by the end of the injections you're pretty much completely numb. She started to squeeze my upper left corner of my mouth saying she felt a lump of product and she needed to massage it out. She kept squeezing harder and harder (and I started to feel pain even though I was completely numb, so you can imagine how hard she was squeezing) until she finally stopped.

She backed away and said she had caused a hematoma (A BLOOD CLOT!!!) and that it would take a few weeks for it to go away. I left the office with a black open wound and a bee-stung looking top lip that was a hair away from touching my nose that's how swollen it was. Fast forward about a week, all the swelling was finally gone, although it was still very badly bruised. I now was left with a dent in my upper left lip from where she squeezed so hard.

I called them and said I was unhappy with the results because I felt she squeezed away the product. Elizabeth, the office supervisor, asked me to come in two weeks later from the original injection date, as they couldn't inject anything sooner. When I went in, Jillian was the one that brought me back to the room instead of Elizabeth. She told me there is nothing they can do for me unless I buy a WHOLE NEW SYRINGE, ROUGHLY 550$-600$.

She then asked me to take an after picture (even though she never took an after picture the day she caused the hematoma). After asking to speak with Elizabeth, the supervisor, Elizabeth came in the room and agreed that nothing could be done and they refused to fill the spot that Jillian had dented. She said they would not even give me a partial refund, or just fill the dented spot. They also had the nerve to tell me my lips were uneven to begin with, so it's my fault.

I left the office frustrated, because why would they tell me to come in two weeks from the injection date as they couldn't inject before that if they weren't ever going to inject to begin with? I called the office as soon as I left to ask for all the paperwork I had initialed and signed so that I could have my lawyer review it. I was told the email couldn't be sent through (for whatever reason). I gave her a different email and still have not received any of my paperwork.

I also called the corporate office located in Tampa, FL that same day. It was forwarded to voicemail and I left a message asking for a corporate customer service representative to call me back. To this day, five days later from my follow up appointment, I still have not received a call nor email.

I have never been treated this way in my life from a business in the service industry. I was once a loyal customer to them but the way they have handled (or I should say NOT handled) this issue, they have forever lost my business as well as anybody in my life's business.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ideal Image JuvÉderm Ultra Xc Injection.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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How long did the swelling take to subside? My looks look similar to god after having 0.5ml yesterday.

The hematoma is huge but the swelling is ridiculous! :/


Shut up, Carole. Just because you don't think full lips look good doesn't mean it's gross.

Your attitude is gross. If you're going to say something mean why bother commenting.

to Sally #1478259

Thank you! Lol


HOW long before u were healed I'm going through the same thing from a different provider

to Anonymous #1478264

For the "hematoma" to go away it took about 2.5 to 3 weeks!


I just don't understand why some women want to look like this??? Duck lips do NOT look natural ladies!

And mistakes happen. If it happened to Kylie Jenner, who's a millionaire, & Farrah Abraham, it CAN happen to you! Plain & simple.

This is just gross. Ew!

to Carole #1478262

Carole maybe you didn't understand. My lips look like "duck lips" here because of what they did to me and the enormous amount of swelling they caused. Obviously this is gross, but your poor attitude might be even more gross.

Laurel, Maryland, United States #1283819

Who put my picture up there? I worked for 125 years in retail.I know everything.

to LadyScot #1286690

Umm nice try this is a picture of ME!!!!! And my own lips. Get off my post with that ***.


I'm not a doctor or never had this kind of stuff done before, but if she squeezed it was to keep the filler from going over to that area. she done that on purpose so you need to go back into get flat part filled so they can make more money.

I would spend my money on lawyer and sue them. they didn't make a mistake the done it on purpose.

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